As they say “ A healthy mind resides in a healthy body “ .It is the sports club of rite under the guidance of Prof Soumya Ranjan Mishra the club aims at developing the virtues of team work, leadership and discipline among students. Various activities are organized which enhances the sporting spirit and also maintains physical fitness of the students.

The club has organised two events, such as, Inter College Volley ball Tournament-2017 and Inter College cricket Tournament- 2017, inside the institute premises.

The Inter College Volley ball Tournament-2017, held from Dt: 27th Jan,2017 to Dt: 28th Jan, 2017 and successfully executed. The participating teams were RITE-A, NMIET, GEC, CUTM, IIT-Bhubaneswar, GIET, TAT, NISER- Bhubaneswar, GITA, RITE-B, KIST and GIFT .

CUTM took the championship honour with RITE-A as runners-up.

Inter College cricket Tournament- 2017 from Dt : 2nd March, 2017 to Dt: 4th March,2017, with co-ordination from the Honorable Chairman RITE,  Director (I/C) ,DEAN (Acad) and all faculty members and staffs. The participating teams were RITE-A, NMIET, BEC, CUTM, GEC, TAT, GITA, RITE-B, HIT, GITAM, CET and MITM. Honorable Chairman, RITE, handed over the championship trophy to team RITE-A and team GEC as runners-up