Young Tarang

This club encourages the students to give back to the society. They are the part of nation building .The club student do audio recording for the blind student which is a part of “We for you”. Various activities were organized in and off campus under the guidance of Prof. Amit jain biswal.

Yoga Day Workshop


On this 3rd international day of yoga, RITE organized a yoga class in the college campus, on 21/06/2017.

In this event all the staff members had participated and practiced various postures of yoga which were mentioned in the AYUSH protocol. A renowned yoga guru from patanjali was invited to help in conducting the occasion.

In this event more than 40 staff members were participated, including the Director and Deans of the college.

The participants, learned about many yogasans like, Standing Posture Tadasana Vṛiksasana Pada-Hastasana Ardha Cạkrasana Trikoṇasana etc. This was in line with the protocol issued by AYUSH.

After completion of the event the Director encouraged the participants by distributing prizes and participation certification to the participants.


At the end of auspicious session of “International Yoga Day”, everybody took a pledge to include Yoga in one’s daily routine like other necessary activities and also inspire others to include Yoga in their daily life.



Organised by;

Young Tarang (youth club RITE).

Rotary Club (Bhubaneswar) Rotary Blood Bank (RBB) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified blood bank established in 2002, and is the country’s largest and most modern blood bank with state-of-art technologies and service. A pioneer in voluntary blood donation, RBB does not ask for replacement donors for providing blood to those in need. ON 19 april 2017 (Wednesday) 9 am to 2 pm. Room no 109.



Participants 2ndyear Students of RITE collage. Prof. Amit Jain Biswal (mech).

Venue 14.01.2017 Time 10 am. JANLA BHUBANESWAR